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Hi, Does anyone know who will make cypriot food (like they have at a wedding/ festival) It is only for about 25/30 people Paphos area. I just want someone to deliver it ready on the night . Thank you.


abjoy 1252238517

Hi, I had a very delicious experience from a group of 5* hotel experienced Chefs who are cooking for small parties in Limassol. They are very professional and they send the menus and the prices via internet to you. The best ... they also do live show cooking. In my case they made pasta show cooking and the children loved it! You will think it was expensive? I paid for my buffet menu only 18euros/person and desserts were included.

stefanie.foerst 1252672349

Hi do you have an email address or website for the catering service mentioned?


achilleas 1252684679

Zorbas Catering can handle this very easily - I have used them myself a few times.

Go to any Zorbas bakery and ask them for details.

mesogi_123 1252962437

Thank you for your replies however I have had my party and used Costa's Take Away in Timi (near Paphos Airport). I chose a selection of Cypriot dishes from his menu (spoilt for choice) and it was absolutely excellent.Would recommend to any one.

Thank you to you all again.


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