Chip shop in peiga

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Anyone tried the new chip shop in peiga? 


toullag 1353937046

Yes we been a few times and its very good and also very reasonably priced.  Def. recommend it :)


piggy-871702 1353952674

I have been told its very expensive for what you much do they charge for fish and chips ?

podder 1353953062

Its 7euros for any fish and chips, we thinks thats pretty good and its a decent size portion too.


piggy-871702 1354005290

Sounds cheap enough i will have to try....

Builder Boy 1354028342

There are somewhat mixed reviews on other sites.

Ramsdens in Chlorakas do cod and chips for €4.95 including curry sauce or mushy peas.

piggy-871702 1354084956

Hi what other sites do you use?

KarenPeyia 1354115102

We have been once and the fish was gorgeous but the chips were too thin for my liking!  Price reasonable though.  

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