Confectionary / Sugarcraft Product Suppliers

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I am trying to find a sugarcraft suppliers preferably in the Pafos / Limmasol area. I am actually looking for icing nozzles (tubes),colour paste and edible glitters. I have been to Pergamos but Wiltons will not deliver until the end of November and I need the above items before then. Can anyone help - or recommend a good website in the UK (that will send immediately) who don't charge overcharge for P&P. Thankyou - Bridget


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Have you looked on ebay ?

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Hi Eleni

Thankyou for your posting. Yes I have looked on Ebay, I buy quite often from Ebay but some of their prices for the items I was looking for where double that of Pergamos and not including P&P!! just had a thought, I will have a look on Jane Ashers web site to see what she has. Thankyou once again....


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