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I have lived in Chlorakas for 11 years and cannot drink the water because it makes me very ill, it has been suggested to me that the reason could be because there is too much flouride and too. many minerals, does anyone else have this problem and could there be a solutions


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I also live in Chloraka and found the water not drinkable. I have fitted a water filter under the sink and another filter housing by the meter. Now the water is fine. Looking at the filters after a few months I can say that it was a good choice as they go brown.

louisetr 1411058335

Thank you Marley and Me, where did you get the filters from and about what cost are we looking at

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louisetr 1411078826

Thank you hon

Marley and Me 1411122084

Hi Louise


You can purchase a filter housing and filter from any diy store. I got mine from Homecentre. Need to change the filter every 6 months and they cost about 5 euro. The housing I believe are about 20 euro.


For the under tap filter I ordered mine from the UK (Ebay) and fitted myself. They do sell them here at Karma Water Filters based in Mesogi Industrial Estate but they are more expensive. It's a Reverse Osmosis filter kit.

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Thank you that was extremely helpful

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