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Hi, I am dairy intolerant and have problems finding cakes that I can safely eat. A friend told me about a lady who sells cupcake mixes for dairy intolerant people - although you wouldn't know the difference fromcupcakes with eggs and milk in, . they are absolutely delicious, moist and well....yummy.  All I had to do was add water and oil. She sells the mixes with the cupcake papers and I bought 2 12 packs and they were only 7 euro per pack, having looked in the shops they were charging 2-3 euros each cake. Highly recommended not only for the dairy intolerant but for anyone. her phone number is 97672341. I believe she also makes mixes for all manner of cakes and biscuits and if the cupcakes are anything to go by then I shall be buying much more from her.    


pipis 1367937831

Sounds good Ennemarie. What city / village is she in? I am in Paphos and looking for tasty savoury items in a gluten free range. I wonder if she also cooks for gluten intolerant people.

emmamarie-905103 1367938400

Hi Pipis,


I believe she is in the Limassol area but comes to Paphos 2x weekly. I don't know if she does gluten free as well. I could always ask my friend who told me about her if you like.



pipis 1367938551

That would be great. Thank you Emma. Sorry about misspelling before!

falcon-698521 1368007316

3 glasses sr flour

3/4 glass of sugar

2 glasses of water

3/4 glass of veg oil

3tsp baking powder

2tsp vanilla

5tsp cocoa powder 

mix all together just as normal cake mix until smooth

bake in oven at 180deg

put icing on if desired


wildbird-704847 1368027129

Falcon, What size are your glasses as my wife has just made your recipe and they were awful.




emmamarie-905103 1368032832

Hello Falcon,

I too have just tried your recipe, they were not light and fluffy and seeed far too hard compared to the mixes i bought.  I think I shall stick to the mixes I buy, much better.



emmamarie-905103 1368032889

Pipis Hi,

Yes she does do gluten free. Enjoy!!



emmamarie-905103 1377874595

OMG, i have just tried her other flavours and they are fantastic. I can now honestky say that I have made them myself, if anyone asks. These are the best mixes i  have ever tried. 



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