Do you know where i can buy dairy free ice cream?

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Hi, Does anybody know where i can buy some dairy free ice cream, been looking for some for a while now and cant seem to find it anywhere. If you know please let me know. Many Thanks.


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Hi! I think that the health food and organic shop in Limassol just beside Debenhams on Makarios Avenue sells dairy free icecream. it is called Gaia - you could call ahead and find out!

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Cant find anywhere that sells dairy free ice cream
They used to sell Linda McCartney ice crean at Chris cash and carry but it disappeared!
I gave up.
I started to make my own.
I got an ice cream maker with my points at carrefour and started creating!
Its worth it.
I got inspired and wrote a book with dairy free recipes that i published in cyprus
you can get it of or health food shops and bookshops.
Anette Martinsen, A recipe for health.


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