Doner Kebab?

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Anybody know where I can get a decent Doner Kebab in the south? Found places that do kebabs but not a doner like the ones in the UK!! I'm in Ayia Napa but don't mind travelling if they are good!Rob and Hales


kinloch 1205602751

Hi try Ceegees on Dekelia Road in Larnaca they are brilliant, across the road from the Princess Hotel.


Devil-662132 1205604365

Of course, the best ones are in the North! However, maybe the ones you are used to in the UK are nowhere near like the genuine article? I don't know, as I'm not an expert. I've been told the best ones in the Larnaca region are in a small kebab shop facing the sea a few metres south of the fort.

What I do know is that Chinese food found in the UK and Cyprus is NOTHING like any of the Chinese food I ate in many regions of China, and the same applies to Indian food in India, so why should UK doner kebabs taste anything like the real ones?


journo-666338 1205605272

The 'kebab shop south of the forrt' in Larnaka is 'Chris Kebab'.

On the stretch between Militzis and Varoshiotis.

Indeed his kebabs are excellent.

woosh 1205608675

journo & devil are right.... Chris' kebabs are deleeesch!!

Probably the best in Larnaca.

Relocating 1205608896

I cannot believe that you are wanting a Doner kebab when there is so much more on offer. They are full of fat and extremely bad for your heart. Leave one to go cold and see how much yeuck is in one of them.


simonskyman 1205610182

I never let mine go cold so I will never know. In limassol opposite Mcdonalds on Makarios avenue. Nice doner with nice sauce.

Felicity Anne 1205610780

It is a taste for each person wether they eat Kebabs or not. I used to live in Limassol and we used to get ours from a very nice, clean and friendly Kebab shop. Don`t know name of road. If you drive down the road where Jumbo the toy place is towards the seafront, when you get to traffic lights turn right, go through the traffic lights, pass "Pop Life" on your left and then turn first left. It is the second or third shop on left. They are beautiful kebabs, and when we are over there in Limassol next weekend, we are definately going to get one......mmmmmm.....

journo-666338 1205622732

Chris Kebab offers a range of kebabs: pork, chicken and Doner. They will be freshly cooked while you wait and what you will not get is grease.

If you order the kebabs in pitta bread, it will be filled with superb fresh salad and served with segments of huge juicy lemons from the trees in Chris' garden.

bill&eva 1205631266

I bet the doner isn't freshly cooked Journo.

I often wonder how often they are reheated .


Spanner-666908 1205650674

It's freshly cooked if you go to a busy shop.

Sam's Fast Food in Nicosia (2 shops) and I think there is one in Limassol.

"In the works"

journo-666338 1205675641

The meat on a Doner Kebab spit doesn't have to have a diameter of 50cm Bill!

An intelligent and diligent proprietor prepares the spit according to the business.

Then there is nothing to reheat.

robbyb 1205677169

Thanks for the replies guys. Had a ride down to Larnaca this morning and located Ceegees, so will be visiting there soon to try them.

Don't really know Larnaca that well so don't know where the fort is to find the one near there. I will find out where the fort is sometime and give that one a try as well.

Doesn't bother me if they are reheated as long as they taste good!

Rob and Hales

info seeker 1205679380

I am an ex caterer with over 30 years experience and hold many hygiene quals. I also am a trainer who taught food hygiene legislation and believe me Kebabs are the worst for food poisoning related illnesses. UK has enough problems with the keeping of food hygiene legislation, imagine the seriousness of the problems here. Foodstuffs should be kept in temp controlled environments (+8 degs maximum) for as short a time as possible, not left rotating on a warm spit for hours on end. Cooking does not remove all bacteria, it kills some and the rest form a protective shell called a spore which bursts when the temp goes bac down, these then give off toxins which are poisonous. Bacteria doubles every 20 mins, so a kebab sat on a warm spit is asking for trouble. Of course some people have stronger stomachs than others s can withstand more of these toxins.


Devil-662132 1205679934

It's the bacteria that make it taste so good!!! :-D


robbyb 1205680253

If we listened to all you worry mongerers who say stuff is not good for us, there would be hardly anything left that was ok to eat!!

Until I get ill from a kebab I will carry on eating them, and even then I would put it down to the shop I got it from and go elsewhere for them!!

Rob and Hales

journo-666338 1205680957

Sorry infoseeker, but kebabs - that is chunks of fresh meat, removed from a controlled chilled environment, skewered and grilled in front of you do not infringe any food hygeine laws - in Cyprus or in the UK; and would pass the inspections of your most rigorous 'food police'.

Souvlaki (Kebabs) are not left 'rotating on a warm spit'; thery are cooked and served immediately. And Doner Kebab [though it happens to be a food I would not personally choose] when prepared by an intelligent proprietor, is cooked and served directly. As each portion is shaved, the next layer is thoroughly cooked.

I wouldn't want the hassle of being involved in the restaurant business. But, let's face it; medical statistics show there are more disgusting habits in food preparation and storage in private homes than in commercial establishments; which soon go out of business if their clients fall ill.

None of which, however, is of particular interest to those simply seeking information from others about 'recommended establishments!'

info seeker 1205684595


If you read the post properly you will see that it is DONER KEBEBS that was being discussed, not chunks of meat kebebs you mentioned, even these will carry an element of risk if not handled correctly. Cyprus is trying its damndest to comply with EU legislation but they are having an extremely difficult time trying to educate "the proprietor". There are some who have adopted it brilliantly but there are others who deliberately flout any attempts to make them comply.

All food is dangerous if not handled correctly, of course there are some which carry a higher risk than others and doner kebabs generally fall into this category if left on a warm rotating spit.


Spanner-666908 1205687756


I love my 'souvlakia', 'shieftelia', and 'gyro' (the correct terms on this side of the island), but to suggest any of them are cooked fresh is a slight overstatement. Most good (busy) places part cook the first two and then leave them (normally at room temperature, quite high here in the summer) until ordered and then finish them off on the charcoal. The 'gyro' (so called doner kebab) is normally made fresh on a daily basis and then left to rotate until consumed.

Less busy places should definitely be avoided.

"In the works"

Devil-662132 1205688153


I suspect you may be just a touch paranoid about food hygiene. Doner kebab is served HOT, passing in front of infra-red grill heaters every few seconds. If it were as bad as you pretend in your zealous excess, it would never be allowed.

Normally constituted people have an enormous resistance to most food pathogens, in any case. Only those who practise ultra-hygiene are not exposed to them and consequently fall ill the first time they ingest one. I used to work for the UN and have visited many countries with more-than-doubtful hygiene standards with many colleagues. With just reasonable precautions, especially regarding water, ice and salads, the only ones who ever fell ill were those who thought like you appear to. I can honestly say that I have only once had a mild dose of the trots and that was from an Air India business class breakfast on an internal flight. One of my colleagues, a young American, was quite seriously ill on two occasions (in Bangkok and X'ian) after eating exactly the same food as myself, which I enjoyed and which had no effect on me or anyone else. And he was the guy who would wipe glasses, cups, cutlery and the top of Coke tins with tissues before putting then anywhere near his mouth.


info seeker 1205758443

Maybe I am paranoid but food poisoning can kill. I am not pretending. Just stating facts. Hygiene standards here in Cyprus do leave alot to be desired, most places are getting to grips with EU legislation but there are still a few who refuse to comply. I am not a fussy eater just careful, you cannot see or smell bacteria and they multiply at a great speed, they double every 20 mins in favourable conditions ( outside of the safe zone). There has been much research and I have seen 1st hand how quick a piece of meat can become unsafe and believe me it is not nice. AsSpanner has said left to rotate until consumed. More often than not the spit is turned down until a customer asks for a kebab and then it is turned up to warm up the meat. If a kebab is not consumed each day it is usually put back in a fridge until the next day. This is usually put in hot so brings up the temp of the fridge into the danger zone putting all food in there in danger. I have seen this practice. So many are under the illusion that cooking kills bacteria. It does not.

I am not trying to preach but I have been catering for so many years and have seen what malpractice can do.


BMTG-666657 1205761388

Hi Rob/Hales,

reason you couldnt get a Doner in most places, like the UK ones, is that those kebabs are Turkish rather than greek.

Phil & Maria 1205780455

I have to disagree with Spanner, if you go to a reputable and good 'shop'. My family had one of Larnaca's best kebab restaurants (it's still in business off the bak streets!) and serves one of the best kebabs and koupes I have tasted! All the kebabs are cooked fresh over charcoal, thats why you haveto wait so long......

bill&eva 1205784864

Phil & Maria

The thread is about Doner kebab which is not cooked over charcoal as you seem to imply ~ you are thinking of Shish kebabs or souvlaki

Doner kebab, quaintly called elephants leg in the UK and giro in Cyprus is a huge lump of reconstituted meat or real meat layered on to a spike and vertically rotated in front of a gas grill and slices are taken off as required ~ the biggest problem is that the grill is often switched off during less busy times and on again if they get busy ~ quite often the previously heated on and off all day part used meat lump is put in the fridge till the next day and then set up on the grill for another days on and off heating .

I must admit it's not one of my favourite foods and something I rarely eat ~ when I do eat one I usually buy from somewhere really busy especially if the huge lump of meat seems to have been just put on the gas grill .

Devil is quite correct in saying most things won't do you any harm IF you are used to them as your body builds up a immunity to bacteria BUT if you have been ultra hygienic food wise for a good few years the slightest amount of bacteria will give you problems as you have zero immunity.


Jessica-667934 1205787604

Hi, have read all the comments and they sure cause a giggle. I am Cypriot, living in Berlin,(6months a year in Cyprus) where it is said that are the most Döner outlets and the best to be find.Always fresh and health rules are extremely high here. (Incidentally also travel to London a great deal and they are on par), however, a kebab, gyro (close) and all other chunks of meat suggested is not a Döner. Besides it is, lo and behold, a Turkish dish and therefore NOT on offer. As you are aware it is served in flat bread indigenous to Turkey. It is similar in asking for a Turkish coffee instead of a Greek one. Which incidentally is the same. Just not done I am afraid. You are indeed brave. Comments actually show that they are NOT made in the legal side of the Island.
Why fret, when in Rome....
Have fun


simonskyman 1205793919

The origin doesn't really matter in this case. Mention Doner kebab to anybody from the UK and they will picture what they are used to from the UK,most of the time it will be the big vertical lump of mixed meat served in pitta bread. Thats what I remember (and love).Next ,someone will ask where the best turkish delights are,and someone else will say Yeroskipou and call them loukoumia.

Jessica-667934 1205795015

Touché, simonskyman. If it looks like a duck and it waddles like a duck then it must be a duck.


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