dried fruit

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were can i get nice dried fruit im looking for kiwis, pineapples,apricots and dates. I dont want the dried out hard ones i want the dried soft ones.

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journo-666338 1258210177

Not dried, but candied: Orphanides sell a mix with slices of all those

madame-690931 1258283451

no i need dry and individual not mixed

kitkarman 1258315436

Limassol indoor market in old town, sure they have them at the stall that does nuts n stuff, loose buy them by wieght.

madame-690931 1258385051

how would i get there as im in larnaca

kitkarman 1258392945

Maybe give us a clue where you are first, then someone in your area might know of somewhere local !!!!

madame-690931 1258404710

Well im in larnaca::))

I dont mind travelling to limmisol but would need directions.

If anyone knows of any were selling dried kiwi fruit and pinepple rings, has to be dried and whole rings please.

kitkarman 1258411288

Im off in market tomoro I will make sure they have some, if they have will post directions :-))

journo-666338 1258415459

Why don't you just prepare them yourself?

madame-690931 1258492714

How would I prepare them myself

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