Drinking water in oroklini

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Why is it that the drinking water from the machines is 1.20 for 20 litres but everywhere else it seems to be 1 euro? Is this because of the % brits up there, if so then that's wrong! I know it's only 20 cents, but 20 cents over a year is another 10 euros (based on 20 litres per week x 52).


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In Nicosia they are all E1.20, so it is obviously not 'pushto englezos tax'.

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Spanner, they are not all 1.20 in Nicosia. I have a friend who lives there and they pay 1 euro. I've also seen the machines in surrounding Larnaca suburbes for 1 euro.

So what's the sensible answer then? Just charging more where they think people have the money?

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They are all €1.20 hear also. We pay €1 to fill 18ltr bottle.

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I haven't found any that charge E1 in Nicosia. I often don't pay the 1.20 as there is normally some credit from the previous purchaser!

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Hi virtualm,

I live in Oroklini and fill up a 20ltr bottle but if you put 1.20 in the machine it overflows quite a lot. I just put in 1euro and press the button. There is a bit of overspill just to get rid of any bubbles from washing the bottle.

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