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Hi. Readers, I have just found a company in limassol selling back bacon from the Bacon Factory company  based in  the north of the uk. They sell retail packs and large wholesale packs. Retail packs are sold as a box of 20 packs. Wholesale packs are sold as 4 packs with a total weight value of around 2.9 kilos. For prices you will need to call the company. They do not deliver except where the order is of  a certain price. Their name if i have it correct is Alfa Sophocleous. ( sorry no phone number ). They also have a wide range of uk frozen products. ( jackson frozen breads, uk sasauges, roberts yorkshire puddings, and others. To repeat they sell by the case not loose. Hope this was helpfull,  


curion 1410820298

hi cyprushack, good to know.is this fresh or frozen and where are they located please.regards and thanks.

Builder Boy 1410862968

These guys are wholesalers. Are you certain that anyone can just walk in and buy bulk items.

That said, bacon prices are cheaper now than they used to be and you can even get M&S back bacon for less than €5 per pack.

Wellgoods is, I believe, selling packs at €4.45.

richard1953 1410916423

taste of england sell fresh 1lb 5.75  5lb 23.00

alpineA610 1410937011

Hi where in limassol is this shop???

wasntme-899527 1410947311

You can buy "Bacon Cure"  from tongmasters on ebay. they do deliver and it works out at about €10 for half a kilo, Half a Kg will cure about 25Kg of pork loin.

When pork is cheap just buy a couple of Kg, you can pick the ratio of meat to fat, back, belly, shoulder etc, I like back.

Follow the simple instructions, its a dry cure so the bacon is tasty and no white water!

It takes 7 days start to finish and it involves turning the joint once a day and on the 7th day wash the joint return uncovered to the fridge for 24hrs to "dry" and its ready to slice as you like it, thick or thin.

Works out about €4.50 a kg for homemade back bacon (if you buy when pork is on offer)


bellringer-660093 1410950883

Taste of Britain website http://www.tasteofenglanddeli.com/shop/

Graham S 1410988903

I'm guessing the place referred to in the OP is AS, in Fassouri, on the left as you go from Kolossi towards Akrotir, jist before the left turn to Asomatos,  Technically they are wholesalers; I've never tried it myself, but I have heard reports that they are sometimes prepared to sell relatively small quantities to private purchasers. 

Graham S 1411544316

IsIn' that Tatse of Britain, not A Sophocleos?

jimmythebargainhunter 1411624518

hi guys, Taste of Britain is near Molly Malones (  St Rafael area) and the A&S supermarket is 100 meters up from the wooden pier located near TGI FRidays on the seafront...and by the way the original post has the wholesale and retail details the wrong way round on quantities, wholesale quauntities are the 20 pks and retail are the 4 packs....

Graham S 1411630698

Thanks JImmy - that makes it clear. Must go & give it a try; I wonder if it's the same firm as the the big wholesale distributors at Fassouri.

jimmythebargainhunter 1411720299

hi Graham, the A&S supermarkets were given to the faithful staff to own/run years ago when the big wholsalers was opened by the owner mr Andreas, if you go to the one near the pier go to the downstairs section and behind the tills is the office, my friend is the managaress, her name is Nitsa, give her regards from Jimmy who had the Hunters Lodge pub in Yermasoyia village and ask her how she can supply you etc,,,cheers Jimmy

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