English Food in Cyprus

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Hi All A friend of mine is thinking of shipping some own brands ( Tesco / Adsa / etc) to Cyprus and opening a shop , he would like some ideas as to what to bring over , no fridge or freezer stuff though , ALL ideas welcome

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vickiharrison 1250623312


my sister would like mcvities jaffa cakes and lincoln biscuits if possible!!!!!

kazzi-660835 1250627954

Could he bring the clothes and books departments please?

tikka-664777 1250645146

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pods

Ysgol 1250670612

Swim wear from Asda, scented candles, men's gel deodorant (Gillet) children's Summer clothes, Xmas stocking fillers, birthday party give away bags oh the list is endless........... I know you can get most of these things here but I don't want to pay triple for them as is the case most of the time GOOD LUCK can't wait!

zoopigi-664038 1250696169

vicki- jaffa cakes are available at cyprus discount store in limassol. There is another whole thread devoted to it on here- use the search :)

ysgol they also have party bag type stuff and stocking fillers- they are great. They also have a stall at teh fassouri flea market :)

Cyp08 1250772675

Dumpling mix ~ Suet ~ Gravy Granules...................
Every time I go home or anyone I know go home I always get them to bring these back.

kitkarman 1250786448

Why own brand foods you would have to buy them at supermarket prices plus shipping, also everything is being imported by cyprus discount and plenty of other shops.

Toni-680775 1251306807

Dumpling mix, suet, both the real thing and veggy version and gravy granuals are available at Ophenidies in NIcosia and probably in their other branches. They are just not where you would think to look. For suet look and dumpling mix look at the aisle that has flour etc on.

M Gee 1251308381

You are about 4 years too late!

There are now 4 shops in the Paphos area doing this, plus 1 freezer shop.

Plan "B" methinks!

M Gee

kitkarman 1251397517

And plenty in limassol , all things mentioned allready here top brands and not so top brands.
No supermarket own brands maybe though

erico-660956 1251488589

you can get virtually everything you want here without searching too hard..... there are various importers of goods from the UK and they have done their research. If you want something really obscure, then maybe not, but nobody is going to build a business around something obscure.... as a previous post said... too late....!! You can even get square sausage, haggis and scotch pies..... not much more needed to survive if you can get them.....

doodlepoodle 1251740556

I actually think there is room for other shops if you do your research properly. Where are the various shops in Limassol, I use Smart, Shop and Save and the Discount Store and find that they are selling much the same stuff as each other nothing different. The Discount Store sells near enough the same as UK's in Paphos but not as much stuff.

stellaluna-664983 1251982897

could someone tell me where the discount shops in Limassol are?

Thank you

JOP-671860 1252079994

Hi there, cyprus discount store has two shops in limassol one on franklin roosvelt - carry on along the beach road towards the port and it is almost opposite the karmi fruit market on the right. another much larger one is on Miltonis - keep driving along Franklin Roosvelt and turn right opposite the turn to ladies mile beach. the road wiggles round and then you turn left onto miltonis, you will see shop on the left. this is a new site and they have loads of bargins and english brands nice and cheap, electricals too

kitkarman 1252172299

Just been to new cyprus discount stores, lots more stuff there than in flee market and small shop, well worth a visit some stuff even cheaper than uk. plus nice pleasant people.

Anette Martinsen 1253563469

Childrens clothes from asda please please
my daughter is mad about Hannah Montana.

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