English Sausages and Pot Pies/ Larnaca Area

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Hello everyone, I am looking for a place selling fresh (or even frozen) english sausages and pot pies in Larnaca Area. Do you happen to know one?   Thank You Chris

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jackie antoniades 1447974335

I saw some excellent pies, sausage rolls, Livadia SUNDAY market. somewhere very near larnaca.  

wasntme-899527 1448048446

Have a go and make your own, its not difficult but very rewarding. Hot water paste is very easy and you can play with adjusting the filling. as a start I would suggest very fine diced belly pork and chicken breast, as fine as you can dice it, season as you want.

100% pork can give a ver grey looking filling. test and adjust and enjoy experimenting. google the basic recipe and have fun. its so easy.

Most butchers can get you sausage skin and you can use a stainless "silicon gun" as the sausage filler, I use one all the time and it works great.


christina.orphanidou@cytanet.com.cy 1448267809

Thank you very much for the info, I will visit the market asap.

christina.orphanidou@cytanet.com.cy 1448267919

Thank you for the tips on how to make them on my own! if it continues being so difficult to get them ready made I will definitely try the homemade ones!

jackie antoniades 1448283051

just been to alfamega, and found both pies, p. pork pies and sausages, but have to admit have not tried them

journo-666338 1448388839

The delicattessen on the corner opposite the butchers in Larnaka's Municipal Market carpark sells frozen English-style sausages loose, so you buy as much or as little as you want. You could just buy a single sausage if you wanted to try them first :-)

christina.orphanidou@cytanet.com.cy 1448527875

Thank you jackie and journo for your help! I will try them out this weekend.

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