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Does anyone have problems with very tiny bugs in their baking flour.The last two packets of flour I went to use had loads of very tiny bugs in them, this was after they had been opened and stored in an airtight container for a few weeks after I had initially opened them. Obviously I threw them out but just wondered if anyone else was having this problem. It seems to be only plain flour but this happened with two different brands of flour.


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This link may help ...



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In Australia and similar hot climates this is very common. Sadly I have found I need a larger fridge just to store as much as possible of my baking goods in the fridge. What is not in the fridge is emptied into an airtight container. I never leave anything just in its packet. Even rice gets these weevils. We always put some bay leaves in with our rice which I believe helps. Instead of buying plain flour and self raising, we only buy plain now, and add baking powder when necessary because if you are not turning over your flour fast enough, these weevils will hatch. They are everywhere but it's a matter of using stuff whilst it is fresh. Hope this helps!

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They are weevils. You get them in flour and also in rice.

Friends of ours went back to the UK for a few months and when they came back there were thousands of them. They had got out of the flour and were all over their apartment.

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One tip is to freeze new flour as soon as you buy it. Put it into the deep freeze inside an airtight container, to stop any condensation making the flour damp, and freeze for three days4. This will kill any harbouring weevils or their eggs before they have a chance to continue their life cycles and make new generations in your cupboards.

If you follow all this advice, you may find that you no longer need to end up throwing a lot of food away in future years, nor be shocked to discover you are the owner of weevily food.

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I keep everything in airtight containers but obviously these bugs are already in the flour and as some of you have said becsuse of the hot climate then they hatch YUK!!!  I wash out our cupboards with peppermint oil as we had these bugs in the cupboards last summer and thank goodness it worked as we haven't had them since other than in the flour. Will put my flour in the freezer now for 4 days and hope that will do the trick.

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