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We are looking for a butcher that does an English style gammon joint (not smoked) about 2 or 3 klg. We have been all over the place, but cannot find an unsmoked one anywhere. Can anyone help. We live in Limassol so somewhere close would be helpful. In advance.Many thanks


achilleas 1333719172

George at Angus Butchers in Nicosia does gammon and he also hangs his beef properly

nona-668071 1335201712

Hi. The butcher on Akrotiri strip does her own. Also orphanides have started doing uñsmoked ham. Delicious!

justmee 1335212636

Orphanides and Carrefour sell Gammon joints so does Wellfoods in Limassol nr lenopetra market

souniman 1335260359

Taste of England deli who have a stall at Fassour flea market Limassol have unsmoked english gammon joints you can order online before thursday night each week and pick up on Saturday at the market check out the website for more details

Katherina-10061545 1449918638

Please let me know where I can get uncooked delicious gammon for Christmas..... Anywhere in Cyprus.... I'm desperate... Enjoy your weekend... 

rivonia 1449935722

Just bought a Gammon Joint (well my wife did)  at papantnious. Chloraka. It will go into the oven tomorrow.

Builder Boy 1449937354

Alpha Mega have them on offer - or they did a couple of days ago. We bought a 5 kilo unsmoked gammon at €4.99 per kilo.

Shanber 1450462816

Just tasted some gammon which was cut from an Iceland frozen breaded gammon joint - delicious, but rather pricey at just over €27 for 1.85 Kg. Easy to cook as just the clingfilm lid had to be removed and some tinfoil put in its place prior to cooking. Reminded me of 'ham off the bone' with no fat, just pure meat. 

I have tried the gammon joints for sale in the supermarkets, but have found the outer edges tough and lots of fat running through the meat.

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