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I am gutted, I have just heard that GB's in Protaras has closed. I phoned the lady who works there to ask if there was a delivery due as I didn't want to go from Larnaca and discover that they didn't have a lot of stock. I will miss it for so many items but especially their cards, such lovely cards and only €1 each. There is nowhere in Larnaca that you could buy such good quality cards for that price as far as I'm aware.There isn't any other shops that sell so many UK items is there? 


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There is another shop in Kapparis(Protaras) which sells similar cards as gb used too,also for 1 euro.Coming from gb's towards Paralimni go straight ahead at the roundabout and the shop is a couple of hundred metres up on the left. I think it's called Discount Super Store

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Thank you. I will check it out on Saturday.

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Went to Discount Super Store yesterday but wasn't impressed with the selection of cards, nothing compared to what GB's used to keep. Also went to Ice Queen across the road which was very good , only complaint I have is I bought a packet of Naan bread and normally I check dates but didn't and the date on it was yesterday, very bad on the part of the shop,make sure you check the dates if you go.

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