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G'day everybody, Does anyone here know where in Paphos or Peyia one can obtain a guraranteed regular supply of gluten-free bread or rolls? You used to be able to get it from "Butcher-boy" in central Paphos, but recently they seem to be having problems with their suppliers. Zorpas say that they can get it with a reglar order only - but for bread, not rollos. This is a pity as the rollos from "Butcher-boy" were excellent. Fortunatley other g-f produces are becoming more readily available - Papantoniou near Paphos harbour keeps a reaonable supply in stock, but it's quite a treck in from where we live in Peyia. ANy ideas, anyone?


Traceystan 1372757949

You Kay's in PAPHOS always have lots of glutton free products in stock.

bread and rolls are always a problem because of the sell by ddates hope this helps


GingerfB 1372863652

If you are concerned with your eating habits and health issues with gluten then have you ever contemplated the thought of not eating bread at all? Wheat and grain are in the same category as Gluten, plenty of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. Take a look at for healthier eating options, GROK rules, happy eating.  

bandih2 1372874812

Thanks for your reply. I have been aware of all the facts associated with gluten for many years.

But I do like to have a basis for the butter and jam occasionally - also as an accompaniment for the best (underdone) fillet steak!


pipis 1372920859

The cafe opposite Papantoniou in Emba has a great selection of breads and flours. I only ever tried the GF dark bread. Absolutely delicious. Very nice cafe too. Also, someone replied to the thread and said GROK rules. What is GROK?

bandih2 1372922005

No idea !

GingerfB 1372934764 take a look at the website its free and he will give you a quick insight to who GROK is, happy reading.

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