Good Child-friendly taverna needed

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Does anyone know of a good taverna or even restaurant for Sunday lunches? We live in Limassol but are happy to travel for a good day out. We have two young kids so if there's an outdoor play-area it would be great, but not necessary.Aase - finally in Cyprus!!!


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Try the KARADAKI in Trimiklini, they are great with childeren. Even better is the KALIDONIA in Platres, we have known them for years and the food is great, not expensive either.


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The Village Tavern in Pyla (Right in the Buffer Zone in Pyla Village) does a great sunday lunch and they have a play area for the kids (little tykes playground and slides etc). It's all closed in so there is no fear of kids getting out on the street etc. Live music every sunday. Lunch starts at 1:00pm and entertainment goes on until about 5 or 6pm.

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Depends where you are, but if you're in the Pafos area then Perikles in Nata would be worth a look.


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Thanks, will make a note of all these recommendations. Keep them coming, though, and would be great if someone could recommend somewhere a bit closer to Limassol.

Aase - finally in Cyprus!!!

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Almost everything is child friendly in Cyprus try Anotera on gladstonos street Limassol

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I took the kids age 2 and 5 to Santa Marina Retreat (Elias Beach Resort) last week.Had a brilliant day.

Looked round petting zoo(OK only a few pigs,ducks and rabbits) had a pony ride fed the Coy carp and went for a short walk.

Ate lunch on the patio,we only had a burger but it was organic and all home grown salad etc......Yummy. They have a fenced in huge wooden boat with slides etc next to the patio.

Lovely day and staff were superb.

Costs 3 euro for adults and kids free.

Well worth a day out.

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Pizza express in Limassol (near carefour) have a clown and magician on Sundays for children, they get balloons etc. Pizza hut, Limassol have outdoor play area. I live in Limassol with two small children so I'm always on look out for child friendly places. Entertainment wise it seems to be fast food places. TGI Fridays now have a small play area outside for kids... Good luck..

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If you enjoy a great fresh fish meze, then I'd recommend the first restaurant you come to at Lady's Mile beach, 'Stephanos Oasis', I believe it's called. It's right on the beach, and very kid-friendly. Our kids love it there as Stephanos has a 'pet' pelican that hangs out at the restaurant! They also keep busy tossing pebbles into the water as we wait for our food. If your kids don't eat fish, then there's also hamburgers, fries (chips), sandwiches etc. The fish meze is filling and delicious (about 20 euros pp), or, you can always just have an order of any fish you'd like. We're there nearly every Sunday, as it's one of the few places that's so relaxed, no dress code really, and you just can't beat sitting by the Med as you enjoy your meal!

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