Got the clotted cream,but the scones

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Who sells scones in Nicosia! I've tried joy.I have a pot of clotted cream brought over for me from the UK (Asda) and it expires on the August 13th. I know they might be easy to make but ...

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hello i know this message is a bit late but i saw fruit and cheese and plain scones in marks and spencer accroppolis, they are bl..d. lovely. jackie

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Why not have a go at making your own. Can imagine now the semll of freshly baked scones straight from the oven and eating then warm! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I know sometimes its too warm to do baking, but its much more rewarding.

If all else fails we visited the Sunday market at Oriklini earlier this year. There was a couple selling homemade scones, pies etc there. We did buy some but hubby did'nt like them much, said they were too dry, so I now make mine.

Good luck in your search or baking session


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