Green tea powder (matcha)

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Hi - does anyone know where I can buy green tea powder?  I have called many organic stores but have had no luck.     Thank you!


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have you tried Holland & Barrett there is a store in My Mall in limassol

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CyHerbia were selling sencha tea mixed with Cyprus-grown jasmine. (So presumably they were mixing it themselves).

You can make matcha by putting sencha in a coffee grinder, so perhaps they could help?

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I think you should try searching online. Nowadays these kinds of herbal products are easily available on the internet. You know I just bought Green drink from It is such a great health drink!

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Thank you - I actually found the macha green tea at a coffee shop located near the corner of Athinon & Anexartisias in Limassol.  It is the only place I believe that supplies it and cost about 28 Euro for 30ml. 

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Try Itea/Suprimatea shop, they have many many tea, i'm not sure about macha, but it worths a try.

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Just bought my Matcha from and i am really really happy! Prime quality and impeccable service! Very pleasant and friendly people and super-fast delivery! And the package is great too!

Definitely recommended! 

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