Guide to shops stocking UK food

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I am trying to put together a guide to all the shop that stock UK products, their location and the types of products they sell, for example with food types of meats, pies, cheeses cakes, sweets etc.. sold if frozen or fresh. If any one has details of somewhere they use, island wide could they let me know please.I know of - Chilly's and Wellgoods in Limmasol, 2 UK type butchers in Paphos, CIS in Ypsonas, Iceland Direct, GB's in Erimi and UK,s in Paphos, but there must be a lot more.Thanks


andreasmaria 1260621328

You Kays in Paphos, GBs in Paphos, UK Direct in Paphos, Chillys in Paphos.

Toni-680775 1260622584

Thanks for the information, can you tell me their addresses and what they stock please?

PEDS111 1260824940

I never used Iceland in the UK,but over here they are a godsend.Where is Iceland direct?

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