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can anybody help me find CANDY APPLE STICKS? i found the bamboo skewers but they are too thin & not suitable for apples. ive asked around without any luck. larnaca. tel 99 348 504


Graham S 1258568390

I don't think you'll find any; we needed some last year and drew a complete blank. I found a couple of UK suppliers but you had to buy them in minimum quantities of 1000 and they were (I thought, anyway!) pretty expensive. In the end I made some - but I do have access to some suitable timber and woodworking machinery! I'd offer to help you out but I'm in the UK for the next 3 weeks - sorry!



thunderbird-690619 1258588417

nice to hear from you mate. please do get in touch with me when you return back from the U.K.. thanks

Graham S 1258652702

Will do - if you still haven't found any by then and you still need them I'll see what I can do.

kafenes 1258657603

Try using the thinner wooden Chinese chop sticks (the disposable ones).

achilleas 1258671417

They are available - I have seen candy apples on sale in Troodos with the square sticks.

madame-690931 1258809726

I know you you might think im crazy but when I made toffee apples recently I actually got sticks that beauticians use:)

They come in different shape and sizes and I think for 50 cost me about 6Euro

Depends how many u want.

You might be better of looking in the internet as u cvan buy bulk and could work out cheaper.

If its a one of thing you want and not for business the beautician sticks r great.

Something like that.

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