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Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Limassol (prefered) or Cyprus where i can get beer & wine home brewing equipment and ingredients, there are not many things i miss, but a good pint of real ale is one of them, so any help would be good, and i can get experimenting with recipe's. Thank you.


villagehouse 1311929553

I have some brewing equipment that I brought over from the UK, electric mash tun with tap, pressurised barrel with tap and some other bits and pieces if you are interested. I never did get around to doing a brew over here.
Alternatively let me also know where to find ingredients and I'll also brew some decent beer - you can only drink so much Keo & Carlsberg

HProv 1311931300

A friend of mine was looking for kits last year, he ended up getting them in uk in the end i am afraid

achilleas 1311947488

It is illegal by law to brew beer and wine - even for personal use. I fyou get caught, the fine can be large.

By the side of the large Bank of Cyprus on Makarios Avenue in Limassol, there is a beer shop - it has real ale!

MIDEC 1312443086

Hi Villagehouse

achilleas has also replied and tells me brewing beer and wine is illegal even for personal use.

Another reply from HProv tells me a friend of his had to get kits from the uk.

I will look into these points and get back to you if thats ok.

Clem-689387 1382992799

Aphrodite's rock Brewery based in Tasda. They do 7-8 different beers, including ale, stout, IPA etc...

They are very, very nice indeed. We commissioned them to come out to our wedding with their whole selection and bar. Amazing selection of beers, leave it up to the profesionals I say! :-)


Graham S 1383032383

It's not at all illegal to make your own beer & wine. Try www.beerworld.com.cy 

They're in Nicosia; I've not tried them myself, but they advertise ingredients & equipment.


erico96 1383433529

dont know where you guys are, but get yourselves down the woodman... full choice of brews!!! Limassol! At least 10 taps, and loads bottled!!


Graham S 1383472262

I don't think there's any argument that UK beer is to be found in Cyprus (though sadly it's all keg or bottled, and cask ale is very rare beast indeed - Aphrodite Rock excepted), but the question was about home-brewing, which a lot of people do because they enjoy the process. not necessarily just for the final product.

Clem-689387 1383506914

I don't know of any place in Cyprus that deals for the brewing equipments. I have ordered all the bits and bobs like hydrometer, thermometer, air locks, syphone etc from amazon, and use UKCY (shippers). I have just purchaised an oak barrel, second hand, from Celtic Timber (in Wales). £100 for the 250L barrel and €65 via UKCY. You can also or a vertical barrel from them with lid for the primery fermentation... Or to use as a water butt! :-)

Graham S 1383511994

Sadly, I think you may be right. I brought all my brewing equipment out with me from the UK. 

Clem-689387 1383561259

I have a question for you Graham, as you sound like you know what you're doing RE brewing.

We are currently doing primary fermentation of our wine in plastice 20L containers. its fermenting away nicely so far and its been a week. However, I am only receiving the rest of equimpement at the end of the month so I will most likely not be able to transfer the wine for secondary fermentation when I'm supposed to (proably around now-next few days). Do you think there is any harm to the wine if keep in long pramary fermentation? The Cypriots leave it this way for 40 days they tell me, but that's without the pith though...

Any help will be muchly appreciated.


David -McLean-965223 1593793985

This is a long shot but hear me out please.

Im currently in lockdown due to covid in a hotel in Cyprus and im interested in the possibility of making a quick homebrew in my hotel room. Im obviously limited in my utensils but i have a kettle, bottles and sugar. Can anyone help me out with where i can get the remaining necessities locally. Malted barley / yeast? The hotel will not assist in any way or supply beer to room. 

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