how to make the traditional delicious Sandwich

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hi all .i am considering to open a sandwich shop, please anyone can teach me how to make the traditional delicious Sandwich ,please please 

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DavidClark-715764 1434730005

Erm...that doesn't sound like the ideal business plan.

Most people start a business in a field in which they are already expert, or know an awful lot about.

Incidentally, a sandwich shop opened in Mesogi (Paphos) not long ago, and I've yet to see anyone in it.

curion 1434734347

wensen. great idea in theory but traditional to whom ? many types of sandwiches every national has a country speciality. sorry but i have to agree with david clark. still wish you luck with your dream.

curion 1434810206

 wensen if you are serious then do your homework, if it is viable you will find a way. again good luck.

wensen88 1435668021

dear all i`m tring to do cyprus sandwich ,  

I used to live in cyprus for 7 years, and i like very much sandwich, at the moment so popular

European food in china .so i`m trying in my best to learn how to make nice sandwich.

AndrewMoni 1435671475

Can you tell us what is in a 'Cyprus Sandwich' please???

curion 1435671805

andrew, tut tut, cyprus sandwich gotta be halloumi, lountza, tomato and if you have spare sheftalia, dolmades just throw the lot on and close the lid. sorted !!!!!!!!!!!!  lol

wasntme-899527 1435675935

The basic sandwich is cut a bun/roll/bap in half, lightly spread with cooking marg and place on a cast griddle, at the same time griddle streaky bacon, ham and hallumi cheese when cooked place on one side of the toasted roll/bun/bap and top with tomato and cucumber. Place the other half of the bun on top and lightly squeeze together, wrap and serve.

You may offer ketchup, mustard, mayonaise etc etc and they can be added at anytime during the filling of the roll/bun/bap.

The variations of the basic sandwich are endless cold roast leg of pork is a very popular addition along with pickeled cellary, chilies and olives but they are not given awway as much as they used to be due to cost.

Hope this helps.


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