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Hi All Does anyone know of a good Indian Restaurant in the Paphos/Coral Bay area? I know, I know, not exactly in the traditional cypriot style, but hey, we all need a little variety in life. :) Thanks.


petsrme 1214597154

you are fortunate enough to be in that area, has paphos boasts and i can 2nd that the number 1 indian restaurant in cyprus, infact better han some i've been to in the uk, The Koh-i-nor, you can find it by direct enquiries. enjoy...yumm

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The Koh i noor also own another restaurant that I think is even better....its called Poppadoms......its opposite Malcolm Smiths Drining School/Helios apartments on the right hand side as go towards Coral Bay from Paphos. Its has an outdoor or indoor eating area, and a childrens area. A huge car park, and I just love it!!

The owners also Zaffrons, which used be a restaurant, but now specialises in weddings.....

achilleas 1214642904

Its near the Amathus hotel, but Bombay Brasserie I believe is the best Indian restaurant in Paphos - they have 3 real Indian chefs and not just anyone who can cook.

Advice .. try them all :-)

kazanddave 1214648856

Try the Keralam at Coral Bay, its at the end of the main strip near the big hotels and the beach.

Its run by Indians, and is a little different.

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Try the Keralam in Coral bay for Sunday lunch, and for the week The Koh-i-nor is the best by far

and i have tried them all ! trust me...


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Hi all

many thanks for the recommendations, they should keep us in Indian cuisine for awhile.

Thank you :)

stellaluna-664983 1215966667

You guys in Paphos are so lucky to have all these good Indian eateries. We tried the one in the Limassol tourist area. My husband ordered a korma and they served hot milk with frozen peas in it.


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