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Any good and sensibly prices Indian restaurants in or around the Limassol area please?


AndrewMoni 1255459066

Taste of india opposite 4 seasons/meditteranean does a good indian. Maybe not the cheapest, but much better quality than say the Raj by Drifters.

kitkarman 1255517785

Calcutta near pizza hut on seafront road going towards old port, excellant food, nice people and reasonable prices.

Sunday-678047 1255520115

I recommend the Raj in Amathus area of Limassol it is not so expensive food is great, 4 people including starters and wine around Euros 70.-

lifeismine 1255524227

The best for me is calcutta mike who owns it is a great guy does it to perfection mild medium or hot, good prices you get plenty and good atmosphere and this is from someone who lived on currys back in the uk on a fri sat nights for years!!

belinda-675574 1255531473

Thanx for that Calcutta it is then, I have heard many good comments about this in the past. Tel no??

kitkarman 1255544549

25322511, mikes wife maria does the cooking

Mikes only a waiter :-) dont tell him I said so though

mazman 1257249360

me and all our mates have been going to the calcutta for about 4 years..the food is amazing at good prices.

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