Indian Restaurant in Limmosol

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Hey From Paphos.....and am thinking of Locating my Restaurant to Limmosol. ANY Feedback most wellcome regarding AREA VIABILTY NEED Regards    


AndrewMoni 1409478696

A good reasonably priced indian restaurant would always be very welcome here - offering reasonably priced eating with a good menu selection and plenty of hot spicy dishes!!

Most who come get greedy and fail.


kathmay99 1409498518





eastman1 1410638480

yes it would be great to have a good indian restaurant here. I know a lot of my friends would also love one !! would you also do a take away service?

curion 1410796342

hello budge 1958. i wish you luck in your proposed venture. however we have had 2 very good indian restaurants here in limassol both owned by mike. all in the same place anna court. 1st closed down i do not know why but it was converted to " ashes " a grill house by mike. a short while late he closed ashes and reopened as delhi durba he had an amazing chef brought specially here ( we were told ).his food was the best we had tasted in a long time. sadly that did not last and the restaurant is now owned or co owned by mike and the the owner of taurus steak who relocated to the site of now demised indian restaurant. we miss our indian restaurant although we now make our own,maybe not restaurant quality but we make mean onion bhajees and curries.will watch this space for news. 

irlanda-672549 1410801117

Definitely a need!! There is only one in Limassol, not great food and prices to match, and then the next nearest one is in Pissouri I believe.  I honestly do not know why the two owned/managed by Mike did not make it but the food was great and he had a good customer base as a result.

I believe you would do well if the food is good and prices are kept reasonable. A takeaway/delivery service would also boost profits.

Please let us all know when you are ready to open!!!


Good luck.

FRUITBAT-904092 1410808145

the previous one - outside seating was on the pavement of the extremely noisy and air-polluted coast road. nobody in their right mind would sit and pay to suffer that. most want to eat outdoors in a shady attractive spot. otherwise i'd just make my own indian food and serve it in my peaceful garden.

anyone remember the super Taj Mahal? OK a bit formal but the food was yummy!


AndrewMoni 1410811005

Was thw Taj Mahal the one by the 4 seasons, with 2 outside tables overlooking the road??  Hardly your shaded outdoor scenario!!  That was nice, but overpriced.

wasntme-899527 1410814282

The Taj was owned by Chris Christadulu and run by his son Tony, who unfortunatly is not with us anymore. Chris owned lots of businesses in limassol including the Sunquest Appartments and the Flora Mara.

Chris is now retired and sold all his business interests, there comes a time to relax, but Chris had or has got vision and he knows how to do things right, well done Chris and hope your enjoying your retirment.

Andrew nowhere near 4 seasons.


Builder Boy 1410890910

There is mention earlier in the thread of 2 restaurants run by "Mike". Is that the same Mike that ran Prema in Paphos and then had the stall at Fassouri market?

curion 1410893606

hi builder boy. unable to answer about mike,know he is british cypriot. not knowing previous life. 

alpineA610 1410937493

Try the take away indina near the rio cinerma called kalamera india. But a resterant here would be good.

JohnM-666482 1412006931

I second Kalimera India in Limassol. (


The food is excellent and easily half the cost of other Indian I have had on the island. Rice included with the meals. The downside is that it is take away and I would happily pay more to have restaurant service... 

jacko30 1412010222

Yep, I am definitely up for a decent Indian in Limassol, good food, good prices, theme nights, good decor/lighting and ambience and indoor/outdoor seating would be good. 

No-one has so far got it all right - the location accounts for quite a bit too, on the edge of the main road is not a good location.

Good luck let us know when you arrive in town - soon!!





budge1958 1412886715

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your feedback much appreaciated

Might have found a Place in the Yermasoyia?(spelling}

With Parking,not the main road but off street

Any Advice?


AndrewMoni 1412892674

germasogia village or germasogia tourist strip area??


budge1958 1412939458

Hi Andrew

Its off from the germasogia tourist strip with private parking

christine.h-682125 1412940281


Just noticed a new Indian restaurant is about to open in Enarios area, close to TGI Fridays.  I dont no if this will effect you, just thought I would mention it.  

AndrewMoni 1412971435

Well if you do decide to open just remember that we expect value for money here in Limassol.  The Russians may have been splashing the cash for a few years but are now not here in the same numbers - and the rest of us expect to not get ripped off.  We have had enough of the entrepreneurs who think fleecing tourists is cool!!  Value for money and you will succeed - become another tourist rip-off joint on the strip and I bet you won't last!!  Help bring back Cyprus's value for money concepts.

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