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anyone know where i can buy a good selection of Indian spices around the Larnaca area.

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MarioMario 1352119407

VAMA have loads of authentic Indian Spices last I checked. Not in Larnaca but it's not that far away (Latsia, Nicosia). 22 467 588

lizzyp-716893 1352120880

thankyou so much, i will go this weekend.  liz


deepanjalee 1352202084

u check out. there must be a shop in larnaca also some indian spices you can buy from carrefour also.

maria_ko 1352202987

if you will come to nicosia, then go to ledra street area,where is OXI roundabout, there you have to go down to shops, there are many shops where you can buy indian spices

Ramones-717154 1352208313

I saw a  nice spice shop in the center of Famagusta. Its well wroth to visit the North side and to buy some stuff.

lizzyp-716893 1352213966

WOW thankyou everybody.  Liz

eg70 1352217068

I too want to find authentic indian spices like Garam Masala etc. in Larnaca.

I was told there is a store near to Med High in the back streets but havent actually found it yet. If anyone knows of this store please let us know.

journo-666338 1352222733

Chrispan Mini Mart in Larnaka Municipal Market/Car Park Square has a wide selection of Asian spices :)

Nasia P 1355141139

Hi Lizzyp.There is a mini market for spices and asian food with very big variety in the center of larnaca.Is close to Agios Lazaros church.When you are turning right from finikoudes you will see in front of you the church.the road is going straight or right.U will go right again in font of elgreco cafe and around 100m you will find NEK store on your left hand next to NEK on the corner.

jomjosevarghese 1355177820

Limassol you get it very easily

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