Irish Soda Bread

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Hi, does anyone make Irish Soda Bread and Wheaten Bread that I could buy from them. Larnaca area.

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jaybern 1353706774

Hi Mitzy,  soda bread is so easy to make yoursef, problem is that you need buttermilk and its not a product that is avaliable in Cyprus. Always kept my eye open for it over the last ten years but never found any anywhere, Shame as it's the best thing to go with a little bit of smoked salmon. Regards

Mitzy-680257 1353753277

Thank you for replying jaybern. I can make the buttermilk with ordinary milk and lemon juice but I just don't have the confidence in bread making. Cakes and pastry are no problem but making bread is a different ketle of fish. I might give it a go if I can't buy it from someone. I have put below how to make the buttermilk using ordinary milk, found it on the internet.

Add 1 tbsp of Lemon juice or distilled white vinegar per 240mls ( 1 cup ) of milk and leave to stand for 5 - 10 mins before using.

Maybe you might have your soda bread for smoked salmon after all !!!!

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I havent found it anywhere either.  I stock up on both when I go home.  I miss the good old toasted soda bread with irish butter.  

If you find some let me know :-)


die5-688335 1354089035

I'm quite sure, Carrefour has it in the ''Bio'' section near butter, thought I've seen it in Papatoniou sometimes in the 'Russian''  section - buttermilk.

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I have made soda bread in Ireland all my life.  I substitute natural greek yoghurt for buttermilk and it works wonderfully, as it does for scottish pancakes also.



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