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Bertie Mac



My son has recommended that I start eating Japanese food. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and this food is supposedly good for these things he tells me.I wonder if anyone knows of a good place in Larnaca that serves it and if you could recommend which raw fish tastes less bad that would be good too! Thanks.


Madge 1475051747

Personally I find the taste of raw fish much more gentle than that of cooked fish. As for the more mellow flavoured ones... tuna and salmon are good and familiar to most westerners. I'd recommend you start out with "tekka maki" which is a bit of tuna wrapped in rice wrapped in seaweed. It's easy to eat and very mildly flavoured. By the way, seaweed is incredibly nutritious and good for you.

A California Roll is in my opinion, not really sushi, but you could also try that as it gets you familiar with what a maki roll is (basically it's fish/veg/whatever laid in a rectangle of sushi rice and rolled up, then sliced into individual bites).

I would highly recommend seaweed salad and miso soup to go with your meal as the health benefits have been long proven. Accompany it all with some green tea and you're good to go.

I will offer one piece of advice for finding a great sushi place... if the place serves food from more than one Asian country don't expect excellent sushi. It may be fine but just know you're not going to be getting something great. Sometimes there's no other option so I eat it, but I've been eating sushi my whole life and it has always proven to be true. 

Good health to you.

D Bunk 1475238853

It's not just raw fish. That's a common misconception. Japanese food is quite nice and Madge's explanation is brilliant.

Did you find anywhere?

Bertie Mac 1475824212

Not plucked up the courage as yet and still looking for a recommendation.

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