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Hello, Does anyone know where one might get the well known Korean food KimChi or Kimchee? You know the fermented bottled cabbage thing? Preferably in the Limassol area. but any info would be welcome. thanks

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Hi Liszt!

I spent most of my time in Korea trying to politely avoid the cabbage Kimchi without causing offence! I know the older it is, the more it is valued, thus offered to special guests. But.....

You can buy it online, but why not try making it yourself? only need to bury it in a clay pot!!

Alternatively, try the very different multi-veg 'ultimate Kimchi recipe' at:

That even teaches you how to 'hug' your kimchi as you make it!

Hope the family is well and that we'll see you again before too long.

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Or for something a bit more conventional, try the recipe at:

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Thanks Journo. I was hoping to find it ready made. I cannot be bothered to make kimchi. Too complicated for my cooking abilities.

hope R. is having fun with his new toys. Let him know that I got turntable belts (and styli as well) from ebay and they work great. My turntables have been rejuvenated.

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