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Has anyone managed to buy the stuffed turkey breast as advertised by Lidl.  I have been looking since I got the flyer, both at Aradippou and Larnaca, but haven't seen one yet.  The staff cannot help nor can Customer Services.  They've got all the other bizzare meats like Wild Board and Venison.  I don't believe they ever had the stuffed turkey breast!!  Can someone let me know where to get a little turkey breast for 3 people - M&S are too big, already looked.


jimmythebargainhunter 1355523982

hi there Diane,

maybe m&s turkey breasts are too big for 3 persons for i meal but instead of faffing around looking for smaller ones buy one of theirs and have 2 meals..i.e. turkey salad...turkey sandwiches etc the next days...saves loads in petrol looking around i say...Jimmy

Dianne.Thorne 1355524251

Thanks Jimmy for your suggestion, but used to do that in the UK - turkey curry, turky this and that.  Ah well, get a chicken instead.  Or is there is nice piece of beef out there???

jack3 1355565621

across from carrefour theres a frozen seafood shop that sell small turkey breasts,duck ect

Breaker-671553 1355577341

They did have them in the Paphos store a couple of weeks ago as I got one. They had stuffed ones and plain ones both for 9.99. I havent been in since so dont know if they still have them.


Builder Boy 1355578431

All gone in Paphos Lidl, but the UK shops here have them.

Carrefour also have a really nice joint which is chicken with ham, bacon and halloumi inside!

TH-668388 1355752828

I also have bought ours from freezer shop over the lights from Carrefour larnaca ,good quality and reasonably priced .

Dianne.Thorne 1355832521

Thanks everyone - I am off to the freezer shop first to investigate, then see what Carrefour have.

Merry Christmas


Mitzy-680257 1357055043

You didn't miss anything I bought my usual turkey breast from Debenhams and got one of the ones from Lidl and wasn't impressed with it and wouldn't buy one again. The ones I buy in Debenhams are always lovely and I have started cooking it in the slow cooker and it comes out so moist, it's gorgeous.

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