Macaroons in Paphos

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Hi there! We're having a wedding here in August with a small "handmade" party. I'd like to get some macaroons for the sweet table, but I've not seen any here in Paphos(( Does anyone have an idea where I can get them? A cafe or a bakery?    Thanks! El


elvira_elvira 1405805043

And it just suddenly hit me that I spelled it wrong.

I need macarons not macaroons. I didn't think there was a difference but apparently there is. In Russian we use the word "macaroons" for them, and the word "macarons"  is for pasta, so that's why I got confused! So, anyway what I need is macarons, sandwich-like pastry)))

AndrewMoni 1405832744

Most of the bakeries sell the macaron shells, but usually without any fillings.  I do not know if they sell them filled or not.  They are usually with the biscuits in the bakeries - well that's where I have seen things that I have always assumed to be macarons anyway!!!!


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