Malt extract

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Where can I get Malt extract in Larnaca area if possible but would go to Nicosia also.


Shanber 1402310527

Is there a branch of Holland and Barrett in Larnaca?

We buy malt extract at their shop in Paphos

polly-665260 1402322182

Hi, saw it in Alpha Mega in the jams and honey section in Limassol on Saturday 


Mitzy-680257 1402335243

Thank you both for your replies. I think there is a Holland and Barrett in Larnaca, I will check it out and will look in Alfa Mega also.

akseea 1402395040

Holland and Barret is on Ermou St. Lca.

Mitzy-680257 1402395475

Thank you akseea. I thought it was in Ermou St but wasn't sure. If I'm right is it at the opposite end from the centre where the municiple car park by Smart is?

mesh_mel 1402938678

Metro also stock malt extract

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