Mushy peas!

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Does anyone know where I can buy dried peas in the Larnaca area? I've tried Poplife, the discount shop, Carrefour express all with no luck The tinned peas are ok at a pinch but they're not a patch on the real thing. Thanks in advance.


Graham S 1435343993

Have you tried Smart? The one in Kokkinotrimithia sells a range of dried pulses, so one near you might do as well.

Pippa-664309 1435408783

Alpha Mega

journo-666338 1435431606

Many of the small corner shops and periptero in Larnaka sell dried peas, as do some of the Asian food shops.

However a family friend who is a 4th generation fish fryer and chip shop owner reckons the Smart mushy peas are equally as good as - or better than - those his grandfather used to boil for hours/days and sell togreat aclaim. :-0

Each to their own, though I don't personally understand how anyone can eat what are essentially (overcooked) processed pea rejects, sold at a premium price :-)

Graham S 1435436988

You're obviously not a Midlander!

journo-666338 1435449544

No, I'm definitely not a Midlander, Graham S, :-)   - but the person I quoted talking about, and recommending, the mushy peas from Smart is! 

I suppose we all have our crosses to bear ;-) :-) :-) :-)

Theboys 1435506877

Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions. I bought a 3 pack Smedleys mushy peas from Smarts today(1.75). I'll let you know what they're like.

I'm a northerner and I love mushy peas, my husband, who isn't, can't stand the sight or smell or understand why we love them so much! Mind you he is Welsh so that might explain it!

wasntme-899527 1435523044

They need a knob of butter and a sprinkle of salt and fresh ground black pepper and then they are fine.



journo-666338 1435538528

Well, wasntme, none of those were ever part of the traditional process for cooking mushy peas.

Freshly ground black pepper was neither commonly used nor enjoyed by the original mushy pea appreciation society! As for adding would have been laughed out of town.

It just shows how tastes and expectations have changed :-)

wasntme-899527 1435568447

Tastes and expectations have changed beyond belif, we now have chili in chocolate, sugar on tomatoes, braised lettuce and anchovies in alot of meaty savoury items.

Never been a lover of any tinned foods as they "were never part of the traditional process for cooking any food". however with a bit of imajination and simple cooking skills you can make them taste exceptable.

If you were to have a competion the enteries would all be different other wise they would all taste the same, I have benn in catering over 30 years and belive it or not after serving hundreds if not thousands of portions of mushy peas i've never had a complaint. The knob of butter gives them a very slight creamy taste to the watery base and most people sprinkle salt and pepper on their food, get them in a traditional chip shop and watch people cover them in vinegar.

Tastes move on and tradition is not always best and if things didnt move on the great TV chefs would be out of work and we would all be eating hard dry bread with over cooked vegetables and boiled salted meat, um mmmmmm

I will stick to a knob of butter and a sprinkle of salt and fesh cracked pepper.



Theboys 1435592501

Hi, I've just had some for lunch and they're not bad. Not a patch on the real thing but when there's no choice they're ok. Definately salt and vinegar!

DavidClark-715764 1435593925

Last Saturday we had dinner at the fish & chip restaurant at Mandria, near Paphos airport.  The mushy peas were the darkest shade of green I've ever seen.  I can't imagine what went in them to make them so incredibly dark. Perhaps best not to know.

Tasted OK, though!

Graham S 1435608998

Dark green mushy peas? No o o o ............

wasntme-899527 1435609015

Hi David

A couple of things will cause the peas to be a dark deep colour, one is not using the correct soakinf tablets which atr not just baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) but a mixture of Sodiim Carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and acid sodium pyrophosphate, which not only soften the dried pea but also "lock in " the green colour.

The other thing that turns them a dark deep colour is after they are cooked and "mushed" they are then stored uncovered and microwaved as required, its the air that darkens them, try it put some in the fridge uncovered and leave them and they will darken and thicken as the refrigerator will remove moisture and the sir will darken them.

Could be a combination of both reasons.



DavidClark-715764 1435679924


Thanks for the info - very enlightening (and I'm not being sarcastic, either!)



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