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My chief at home came to my home and made a delicious dinner, the food was superb and the service excellent it was very homely and professional at both times.I think you can have up to 15 guests and the chef prepares all the food in your kitchen, what a wonderful new experience for Cyprus!


fachris2000 1257156232


Do you know that CHEF is a french word and the normal translation is CHIEF when you use it in another context? Intentionally this Chef used CHIEF in his logo to show you his French Humour the English people don't always understand...The Humour War is still running between French and English Languages! But the best is in the Dish...

Moreover I can tell you he is a real carefull Chef who cooks a delicious and very decorative Menu...

... and the bill is reasonable... His prices depend on the Menu you will choose (2 or 3 dishes for example). He can work anywhere in Cyprus so he has also fixed prices included travelling expenses...


kazanddave 1257157271

Any contact details for the chef?
As traveling expensives will factor into the overall costs, what town does the chef live in.

The English may not understand the French humour, but after all this is Angloinfo and not Francoinfo.

Gusta 1257157320

Do you have any contact details? This Chief or Chef sounds great!

fachris2000 1257159047

Take a look at his Internet site http//

fachris2000 1257160141

Sorry for the mistake

Here is the adress

Paphoschildminder 1257166094

Their number is 96797794 they are fantastic.

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