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Hi guys we r moving out to cyprus/ peyia area end of jan 2013, i run a small cake business from home in scotland. does anyone have links for me to see if i need to register and have food hygiene certificate, i found out about insurance. also is it hard getting any kind ofwork in winter months for myhubby. if you fancy a wee peek at my cake page look up also if you could give me feed back on prices. many thanx Wendy

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jimmythebargainhunter 1353565108

hi there, running any buisiness from any establishment even home needs certain permits and hygene tests , also local authority permits which you pay for yearly...the prep areas and tables etc all stainless steel with checks by the authorities b 4 you get granted licences...sounds extreme but it,s logical 4 even cottage industries....i run a boot/market in Limassol and also trade in 2 other weekend markets and we periodically  have cake sellers who obviously produce at home, the question is are their products produced in clean and healthy conditions? probably most are but without certain checks by certain authorities who knows if we buy from the only one who will give us the "bug" ? i can point you in the right directions in Limassol but you will have to ask a local pub/restaurant owner to guide you in Pafos, Jimmy

Builder Boy 1353566448

I know a couple of people in the Paphos area who used to bake and sell at the markets but gave up due to the hygeine regulations here.

You don't say what skills your husband has bu there isn't a lot going on around Pegeia in the winter. Many hotels and restaurants are closed for the season and the building industry is struggling.

Sorry to sound negative but this isn't a good time to be moving to Cyprus if you need to work. Sadly, it's probably going to get worse and you don't get a lot of support from the state if you are struggling.

I hope it works out for you.

wendy12 1353587245

Thanks guys for feedback. sounds like its more complecated then here. not sure what to do its very scarry.



wendy12 1353606224

Hi again thanku for ur replys was in a rush this morning. my husband is an accounts manager but also has 20yrs experice in pubs resurants clubs. he was thinking of doing odd jobs in the winter to c us through. we have family out there in peyia so helps. i do understand the food hygiene and i follow all the rules here. but it really sounds more expensive to start up over there. oh what to do.

Builder Boy 1353609195


Most important is to make sure you come with enough cash to see you through at least the first year and to have an escape plan to go back to the UK if it goes wrong.

Lots of people have happy and successful lives here but quite a few don't and you do see people selling all their possessions just to pay the air fare home.

Wages here are way lower than the UK and you can find odd job men working cash in hand for much less than €5 per hour.

A lot of people who would be potential cake clients are also suffering in the recession and what you do could be seen as a luxury when people need to be tightening their belts.

I really don't mean to sound negative but this is not a good place to be poor and not a good place to be arriving at this time of year if you need to be earning money from day 1.

wendy12 1353610269

Hi thanks for advice, we wpould have enough money to last 1 year. its just we would like to make it long term, so would be looking for work both of us as soon as, i work as a housekeeper for a baroness just now, i also was a manager for the coop our store closed. my cakes would be for extra cash but depends on cost for registering the business. ideally i would like to rent a wee coffee shop with home bakes.


tonypp 1353610502

I drove along one of the main roads into Limassol today, there was shop after shop empty. A year ago when I was looking along the same road for a office there was nothing on offer. People expect things to get much worse here in the next two years so it's doom and gloom I am afraid.

Part time work. Builder Boy said that some people are working for less than 5euros an hour. I have some Romanian friends that are working as painters for 15euros a day just so they can buy food.

Think very carefully before making a move.

lefthooker 1353756745

On a positive note, the stalls selling pasties, cakes etc on the Duck Pond Market all seem to sell out, so there still is a call for quality food.

wendy12 1353762126

Thanku u Lefthooker for ur reply, its nice to hear something possitive. our niece has lived in peyia for 5yrs and we r going in with our eyes open. we know it will be hard work we lived in tenerife with 3 children, so we r not green behind the ears. i make birthday/wedding plus cupcakes and have a facebook page, i work long ours here and intend on doing the same i cy.

M Gee 1353765064

You will need to sell a lot of cakes to pay for 3 childrens education in Pegeia.


M Gee

webby-880937 1353769915

our children are all married, its just me and my hubby moving over.  hense why we are moving to cy its a lot easyier just being the two of us. wait till u try my cakes they are fabby. x

stellaluna-664983 1354884141

Hi Wendy

I am also Scottish - have been here 20+ plus years (but in Limassol). Why not come for a couple of months and try things out? Especially your husband. You have to see for yourself.

Limassol is totally different to the Paphos area which is all expats. Your business would be with them, but your husband's would not. I don't see any possibility for accountancy in Paphos.

It's true that the economy is grim here and Cypriot shops are closing down.


Good luck whatever you do.

webby-880937 1354910298

Hi  Stellaluna,  Thanks for your response. Things have changed since we first posted these posts, we are moving to the Limassol area, and have already secured a job for hubby and as for my cakes, we have established ex military connections in Cy and would hopefuly be selling to both the ex pat community that want them but also to the military.  Will update post as things develop.  Thanks to all for their responses so far.  xx



foster02 1355143286

If you are coming out here to live I have the most important word of advice "DONT BUY A PROPERTY".  So many people rush out here buy the first house they see, use all their money up, and then find out there is no work, no charity, and no sympathy.

RENT its the best solution, you can move if you have problems with neighbours etc, (if you own a UK home, rent it out for 5 years) That way you have an income coming in when the work doesnt.

Cyprus is a great place to live, as long as you are REALISTIC in your expectations.  Most money making ideas have already been done,  many failed, only the few exceptions are still here.

I will say, Peyia is crying out for a decent tea/coffee shop.  (Not a greasy spoon), homemade cakes, lovely tea, quality coffee, cream, jams homemade produce.  This has been my idea for the 10 years I have been out here, havn't found the right person to share the venture with. If one opened I would use it and so would many of my friends.  Dont think Cypriots would  but Hey!

webby-880937 1355172060

Hi Foster,


Thanks for your tips.  We are going to be renting and have already found a place to stay (rent free) for the first few months, through friends of ours that own property out there, until we find the right place, in the right place and at the right price for us.  We have done a lot of research on our own, with friends that live in Cy and a family member that lives in Cy.  We are def not coming out with our eyes shut or with the attitude of "a high life in the sun"...  We know it will be totally different from our lives in the UK, however we have lived abroad before so are not green behind the ears.  As for a coffee shop in Peyia, ultimately this is our aim, but perhaps nearer where we are planning on living (Limassol area), but we will have to wait and see.  You never know, one day you may well visit our wee tea shop as a welcome customer.  Thanks again.  W & G x

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