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Hi there people,I am opening a coffee shop/bar in my village and I need to find a cheese distributor that sells non-cypriot cheeses ie brie, chilli cheese etc at reasonable rates. Anyone have any info, it would be gratefully received! i didn't realise just how difficult it was to find here!!

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Don't know where about you are but Taste of England in Limassol is very good for cheeses and a whole lot of other things.   Website:  tasteofenglanddeli.com/

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Hi Debs, firstly you didnt mention which village/area your in, also if you put a more detailed list of what cheeses your after i will try to get you in touch with suppliers, you can either do it on discussions or can e-mail me on james.g.peters@hotmail.com if you like, i check mail more often than looking on here,

Jimmy Limassol

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