Papantoniou open in Pissouri village.

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Today is a great day for people living in the Pissouri area. Papantoniou who are also in Paphos opened its door for business. This is a huge big first for Pissourians and fellow neighbours in nearby villages. There has never been a proper supermarket in the area. Most of the shops are local shops and very, very , expensive. People who have been able to travel have had to go to Paphos or Limassol or Lytiotis in Epi to buy food. Some of the elder locals have never been able to get to these shops and rely on the mobile vans coming around. Now with over 2000 people in Pissouri this is a real scoop for Papantoniou. Well done to them for taking the leap and good luck to them. People of Pissouri are well pleased ( not sure about the local traders) and I am sure it will be a very busy store. The store is located on the old Limassol /Paphos road opposite the Petrolina station.

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