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Hi Some friends are coming out on holiday next week and we are meeting them for dinner one night in Paphos. We don't really know Paphos apart from visiting for the day and our experiences of restaurants there are not particularly good. Does anyone know of anywhere we could take our friends that doesn't just cater for mass tourism and where we can get some really decent food? We don't really want to go down the chinese/indian route as they can have that anywhere, so other options would be appreciated. Thanks Dawn


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One of the best restaurants in Paphos is the 7 St. Georges Tavern. It offers local food, but with a difference, and most of the things like bread, olive oil, etc., the owner makes himself.

I've been a few times and the food is excellent.

You can find them at

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I agree with Achilleas, 7 St Georges is great, and different. There is no menu, food comes on meze basis but you do get a wide choice of dishes. Been there a number of times and always very nice.

Zaza's is also very good - menu is continental style with wide choice but it is a little bit more expensive. Both places are very popular so booking is advisable esp at weekends.    



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Thank you both for those replies.  I think we will try 7 St.George's Tavern.  It looks fantastic on their website.


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