Pomegranate Molasses

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hello  does anybody know where I might be able to buy  Pomegranate Molasses in Paphos or Limassol? Or even plain molasses?  Thanks for your time


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Have you checked in the Alphamega? I noticed they had started stocking it in Nicosia - check in the honey/carob syrup section. I think they should also have plain molasses - if not then try the organic shops.

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If you are going into 'north' Nicosia or know someone who is going, you can find it there.  I believe the word for pomegranate is 'nars' or similar...

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Thanks again - I have now found Pomegranate Molasses - thanks for tip re looking in amongst carob syrup etc . I was looking in jams and golden syrup - silly me!  alpha mega Kolossi does not stock it but Lysiotis Episkopi does-  on bottom shelf by the carob syrup . Thank you!  I was about to make my own!

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Thanks for the update!

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