Pukka pies

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Hi where can I buy pukka pies in Paphos, I have a café and I want to sell them in the café.Thank you Michael


AndrewMoni 1397597592

I do not know about Paphos but Nikkis uk foods in Limassol has them

I do not know Nikki's phone number though.


mikebv 1397598409

Thank you Andrew

g harrison 1397637209

hi jim peck the butchers  in cloreka

pepkeoleon 1397806765

Hi ...Charles (cant remember surname) has  a catering supplies company for many years and delivers to Paphos once a week. Extensive list of foods and ancillaries for the Catering outlets. Tel number ..99429987

ORI believe that WELLGOODS on the "Russian" road in town is now selling them...

Hope this helps

The Lincolnshire Poacher 1399302111

i know its not paphos area but lysiotties in episkopi village sell them for 2.50

chicken mushroom, beef and onion, steak, chicken curry, suasage rolls and the new microwave pies


mikebv 1399316268

Thank you everyone for all your help 

boyleg 1410507841

They sell pukka pies in well goods top of chicken road/ Russian road past the fruit market going towards town on the right hand side,



cyprushack 1410796057

Pukka pies are directly supplied by Mc theo Brothers in Ormedia close to Dekelia.

Don't have phone number but a check on directory enquires will give you their telephone number.

They also sell frozen cod and skate.

They need to be bought in certain quantaties but i have found the price worth the visit by cutting out the middle man.

cyprushack 1412099783

Hi gang, These pies are imported by a company called Mctheo Bros based in Ormedia on the industrial estate.

They supply Island wide.

They also have a large selection of frozen fish imported from the UK.

Cod, Skate, and sometimes skate.

Saveloys are another product they import.

Hope this is helpfull.

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