Pullman loaf

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Does anyone know where I can buy a Pullman loaf in Larnaca area. I used to get it in Carrefour, Smart or Alfa Mega and now none of them have it. Many thanks.


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They used to sell them in Metro, although I haven't looked for one recently.

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Most of the corner shops have them. Also MicroDiscount in Larnaka town and Stelios supermarket in Leivadhia to name but 2 supermarkets.

Chris Mini Mart [in the Larnaka Municipal Car Park square where the Saturday fruit and vegetable market is held] always sells two large Pullmans [1+1] for €2.50.

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Zorbas Bakery sell Pullman loaves, they are 99 cents and they will slice them for you.

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Hopefully I will be able to get them from one of the suggested places.

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