Recommendations for Protaras Restaurants

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Ally B



Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in Protaras? We will be spending a week there in August and don't want to take pot luck! Thanks


moonwalker-676796 1247919011

the knights pub in old protarus is very popular its sign posted from the main roads

shepps 1248011218

I would recommend, Oscars opp Mcdonalds, slightly mote pricey, but worth it, I would suggest you get out of tourist area, and try local tavernas.

Have a good week

Ally B 1248107749

Thanks. We will give Oscars a try. Not really looking for pubs but thanks for the reply Moonwalker.

We actually live in Cyprus but are just having a change of scenery for a few days so definitely not interested in the touristy overpriced stuff.

paolodacipro-667925 1248108905

PRINCE RESTAURANT protaras, in the middle of the turist street, 

ANDAMA RESTAURANT / TAVERN protaras, next to pizza hut, 

CORNER RESTAURANT protaras, at the beginning of the street (other end from Mc Donalds)

All three have Nice food, Clean kitchens, and nice environment,

I know them well, since I' m selling them catering equipment from long time now.


stavros-662321 1248137389

if you want great, traditional cyprus food drive to Sotira village -10 km- and visit Musikos tavern (shut on sundays)
You pay 12 Euros for real Cyprus meze and the ambiance is great. You eat under the stars and vines,

The restaurant is actually a rustic museum subsidized by EC funds
They offer only natural products and their taste is great.

It is the best found I ever had

Kapparis Marion 1248169842

12 euros? We paid 17 euros in May for the meze in Mousikos... but it was worth it. The fresh halloumi was gorgeous, nothing like the squeaky fried stuff. But a bottle of water was 2.50 euros!!!

For fish, head to Demetrion at the far end of Potamos Liopetriou.

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