Restaurant in Dhekelia / Larnaca open on Monday PM

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Anyone know of a restaurant open on Monday night where I can get traditional Cypriot food for my visiting parents - is my Dad's birthday so we'd like to go out. Looking in the Larnaca / Dhekelia area. Many thanksEmma :)


arcadians 1194455614

I'd say Militsis on the sea front. A few hundred metres past Larnaca Fort going towards the airport.

Great food at good prices. Very popular with locals - which can only be a good sign! I've been going there for years and never had a bad meal.

Hope that helps.


lina-665984 1194458466

i agree militzis is the best restaurant i have found in larnaca. it is delicious traditional greek food with brilliant prices.

anna-sh 1194460642

There is also the lysithea rest on the dhekelia rd opp the beau rivage exatly the same food as militzes.


ronnie thomson 1194462283

go to VLAHOS, next door to tommy's supermarket. you will not be disappointed. great food, excellent service and prices. ronnie.

Ronnie The Plumber

Luke Oliver 1194474628

Militsis is good but definitely favours Greek speakers in terms of service! Years of visiting it with Greek and non-Greek-speakers has simply proven the point time and time again; but the food is good.

Further towards Makenzie the Traditional Cypriot restaurant opposite Varoshiotis is very good; as is Varoshiotis itself.

If you want fish, then Zephyros by Makenzie harbour is generally recognised as the best fish restaurant in the area - but again you do better if you have a Greek speaker with you!

flipflop-666064 1194535360

All resturants mentioned here are good, the best I've had is in Oroklini at the top of the village called "Voreas". Fantastic meize, fresh and tasty...


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