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Hello Everyone I hope someone can help. I need to take a customer out for dinner in Larnaca next week, and I don't know it very well. Can anyone recommend a decent restaurant? Thanks


achilleas 1128370845

Hi there

Why not try


achilleas 1128377132

Varoshiotis fish restaurant has always been good when I visit too.


nottinghamboy 1128409807

Thanks for that Achilleas.

I have to admit I found the Cyprus Restaurants website a bit frustrating, very slow to load and you have to click on each link to find out where the restaurant is. It's all very busy!  I find Angloinfo easier to use, with more relevant info.

Thanks for the recommendation though, I'll check out Varoshiotis - where abouts is it?

Jeremy-659758 1128413721

Hello Nottinghamboy,

Don't forget you can get a list and description of Larnaca restaurants within the AngloFILE at

Thanks for the comments about AngloINFO Cyprus !



Phil Hellene 1128556346

Are you looking for something "typically Cypriot", or somewthign that will be more comfortable to an international traveller? In other words, do you want mezethakis and a bottle of brandy on the table, or something more familiar to someone that doesn't really know the island's natural way of doing things. Without knowing your customer relationship it's difficult to give advise.

nottinghamboy 1128591543

Hi everyone

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. We went to a traditional Cypriot restaurant and had a great fish meze !



di-di 1128689788

Hello there

We have taken friends to Las Palmieres i n Larnaca.  It is on the seafront.  They in turn have recommended it to others.

We are returning again soon and yet again have arranged to meet some other friends there.

The service is A1, the food is excellent in fact the whole experience is thoroughly first class.





adamgard 1135548244

In case anyone is interested in an unusual restaurant in Larnaca with great music/singing/dancing I can recommend the Black Turtle in the side street as you approach the Lazarus church from the sea front (hard left just after the multi storey car park). Friday and Saturday nights are favourite (you have to book in advance to reserve a table); mixed Meze only suggest four persons minimum. Great atmosphere, unusual decor and musicians come for miles around to join in the fun.

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