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Hi all can you help me out I am looking for a wholesaler in Paphos or nearby that sells rolled icing in all colours in large quantities. Also edible ink for my cake printer and edible paints. I have looked on ebay but the shipping costs are so high to Cyprus.


wasntme-899527 1411381902

You can make your own icing, its only royal icing and Glycorine. Add the coulours as you wish.

Cant help with the cake printer. Sorry



AndrewMoni 1411414802

Find a bakery/confectioner/wedding organiser that does the printed icing and ask if they can supply the edible inks.  For the rolled icing I would expect they make their own though since it is simple enough to do your own!

wasntme-899527 1411463520

You can buy commercial rolling icing, its an 80 / 20 mix of royal icing and fondante. I have seen it in the "work" areas of some of the bigger cake shops, one on the left hand side of the Yamasoya road heading in towards Limassol, sorry can't remeber the name but its a massive cake shop.


annjed 1411469619

Thank you all for your comments, have tried a few bakeries wont give out too much! found one in Paphos that will sell icing in bulk but as for the inks looks like another order online.

Mitzy-680257 1411470358

Hi annjed. I'm sure you would get the ink in Pergamos they have such a huge rang of baking items, if not they may know where to get it.

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