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Does anyone know where I can get "Sage & Onion Stffing (Preferably PAXO) but any will do! In the Larnaca Area? thanks regards   Irene. 

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Graham S 1438032013

Please don't think I'm being funny, but why? The ingredients for sage & onion stuffing are sage, onion, breadcrumbs, an egg, salt & pepper and a little water and/or oil. You could make a kilo of the stuff for less than the price of a 250g packet AND it would taste better.

pc49-661910 1438034081

Hi Graham,

                   Thanks for your prompt reply....I had thought of making my own, in fact bought the dried sage last week BUT======== Having been using shop S&G stuffing for over 50 years was a bit unsure if I could make a stuffing that compared with ready made, but will give it a try and report back Regards  Irene

Graham S 1438037171

You'll be fine - go for it!  And fresh sage is even better - it grows like a weed here (we have more than we can use growing in a pot in our courtyard). Best of luck - enjoy!

pc49-661910 1438080197

Hi again Graham S, one last you know if it will keep in a fridge or freezer for any lengh of time in its made but uncooked state? I guess I would need to make small containers of it (the size of a box of ready made) and put it in the freezer? or make it up without the egg, water/oil and mix when I need it in the quantaties required? Regards Irene

jackie antoniades 1438089925

I buy this product all the time, from Alfa mega nicosia, if alfa mega larnaca dont have it, ask the manaher to bring some to the larnaca branch. best regards jackie x


jackie antoniades 1438090009

And its definately Paxo


cooky224 1448636144

"carrefour", "my market" oroklini

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