South-African goodies in Limassol ?

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A while ago, somebody told me that there is some shop that sells South-African deli products such as boerewors or billtong....unfortunately I cannot get in touch with the person to ask him, if any of you know of such shop in Limassol, please let me know


justmee 1329644813

Biltong from a South African place in Paphos contact number 99373125

Super Save In Agios Athansios also sells a small selection of south african products

lawrence38-682147 1329646714

Agios Athanasios, is that in the village ?

justmee 1329690891

From the Highway take the Agios Athanasos turnoff you will see the Sunfresh on your right ....take the 3rd road right and about 50m on its on the right hand side ...Global Super Discount

cyprusnewbie 1329696598

The Papantoniou supermarkets also carry a small range of South Africa items, no biltong or authentic egte suid afrikaanse boerewors. There used to be a butcher in CHlorakas that had delicious boerewors, biltong etc but they have closed unfortunately. If anyone finds something then perhaps share on the forum as am sure there are many that would be interested..... I would just be in heaven if I had some lekker droe wors and biltong right now LOL

lawrence38-682147 1329696922

Indeed :)

geocha21 1332416097

Hello guys,

Do you know who delivers these products to cyprus and supplies to the shops? They are very expensive and I was wondering if I could buy them directly from the person who imports them?

lawrence38-682147 1333225291

Unless you are prepared to buy huge quantities, I doubt you would have access to the importer.

Nasia P 1440928299


I know a person in Larnaca who is importer. Call him in 96604666 to ask him if you want.

agobard 1441472136

This UK company exports throughout the EU:

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