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Can anyone tell me whether there are any shops in Cyprus - preferably Paphos - that sell wheat, gluten and lactose free products. I am on holiday there in June and wish to know where I can purchase such items RegardsLesley Taylor


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I live in Larnaca but i am sure it is the same in the Paphos. Orphanides and carrefour (two main supermarkets) do a very good range of these products as I too do not have wheat, gluten, dairy etc. I have even found my local village supermarket to be not too bad. The health food shops here I do not find very good and ovbiously could not reccommend one for your area but like I said the two big supermakets are where I get all my 'freefrom' products from and have been very surprised at what I can get here.


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Forgot to say you can also get lactose free edam cheese here too.


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Thanks for the information - it will mean that I do not have to bring an extra luggage item just to be able to eat. We are going fully inclusive which causes me great problems as it is not just those food groups already mentioned but others as well but I am half-way there if I can get wheat, gluten and lactose free.

I have tried self-catering but miss being spoilt in five star luxury so I have to put up with inconvenience.


Lesley Taylor

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I too am in the same situation but Iam sure you will find what you need to get by. Have a lovely holiday.


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I have just moved here and i am exactly the same - can't eat wheat, gluten or dairy and i have been surprised to find a range of products in the supermarkets - Carrefour and Pappantoniou (both main supermarkets) both do a range of products.


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Hi Lesley, I don't know where you're staying, but most of the hotels in Cyprus, particularly the 5* ones, can cater to special dietary requirements provided they have advance notice.

You should contact them prior to your arrival - and preferably as soon as possible - to see what they can do to help.

I recently did a series of interviews with hotel GMs and Executive Chefs here, and one of the points they all made was the ability to accommodate special diets, given enough warning!

Since you have multiple food allergies, they may, for example, ask you to define those dishes/ingredients you can eat. As a worst-case-scenario, if you have particularly complex requirements, I guess there could be a small supplement to cover the extra work. But that would probably be no more than you would pay for the products you've already expressed a willingness to buy!

But if you contact them now, it gives them a chance to place any orders Chef may need.

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My mother also has a very specific diet that is wheat, gluten, etc free and we get everything for her from Carrefour or Orphanides. You can find many organic items in these stores too.

Let-668837 1207932341

Thanks for your advice - I will get in touch today - as you are probably aware, English restaurants and hotels find it very difficult to cope as has been proved time and time again to me. If I ever spend a Christmas at a hotel or go to a business function - I contact each hotel or restaurant and organise straightaway and this could be three months in advance - unfortunately it never happens. I am the only person I know who loses weight on holiday.

Thanks again


Lesley Taylor

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Thanks also for your response too.


Lesley Taylor

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I am wondering about specific dairy-free foods. I have some recipes calling for dairy-free margarine. Of the products that listed their ingredients in English in Orphanides, I could not find any margarine without dairy. Does anybody know of any and what stores sell it?

Also, what about lunch ham? Or other processed meat? Sausage? Even when the ingredients are English I can barely understand them! E332, E325 or whatever. I certainly can't buy it if I don't know what's in it. Or does everybody with food sensitivities just avoid these foods in general?

Do any of you buy special products online? Are there any online stores that sell to Cyprus - without horrible shipping prices?


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