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fast chick



Does any body feel that the prices have risen in the supermarkets lately. The cost of living in cyprus seems so expensive. Is there anyone that agrees


cheeky73 1261172860

Hi, yeah I agree too!

Normally at xmas too, they hike the prices up! Its all greed Im afraid.

fast chick 1261174044

Just over two week's ago, when i was doing my normal shopping at a supermarket i wont disclose, 7 bananas cost me €5.60, a carrier bag of potato's cost me €10.00 and a cabbage was €9.00. Now to me this is just greed , where is the logic in these prices.

AndrewMoni 1261199147

Shop around and you may find better prices. Just a thought - but the recent rains may have affected the local potato supplies - washing away soil etc ...

claireandmilan 1261223808

Well to add my tuppence worth - just come back from Carrefour - the smallest turkey cost us 27 euros and 3 large parsnips cost 4.68.

I also refuse to buy clothes over here - for example Debenhams had a lovely top by John Rocha - in Cyprus 79 euros and in UK 34 sterling. I'm sure it doesn't cost that extortionate hike to bring clothes into the country!!

pav 1261227697

as meercat says simples people.
less peoples buying easy peasy charge more means less work more profit.
big suitcase buy a cheap flight to uk fill your suitcase and bring it back.
we are going over soon and have already spent over 500quid on goods we are bringing back.
hey cyprus thats uk=500 verses cyprus=0(zero,zilch,nada,nothing)
to much profit margin/mark up

catmeister212 1261230418

what you just realised this now? If you do your research you will find out that the cost of Milk in Cyprus is the most expensive in ALL of Europe!

Things will never change here but you have several options:

1. Pack up and leave and hope your next port of call will be cheaper and better

2. Buy things in bulk when they are on sale or special offer

3. Grab yourself a cheap ticket to another country and fill your luggage up with groceries & clothes(but remember to calculate your airline ticket in your savings budget and also dont go over the 20kg airline limit otherwise you will defeat the whole point of saving money)

4. Become a farmer and produce your own products. - Become a dressmaker and produce your own clothes.

It is expensive in Cyprus and its all about how much you love this country and the extent you will go to adopt your life in order to be able to live here. and if you dont, well then there is option no. 1.

fast chick 1261258691

Thanks for the good advise.

But Cyprus is my home and being an English/Cypriot its a little hard to do option 1.

However i have been told now that the prices in the uk are very cheap. ie clothes penny's and food so cheap that all the supermarket are at war.


fast chick 1261258804

I do agree, to high profit margins.

journo-666338 1261266834

Sorry, I don't agree. Today I paid €.66 for a litre of milk; I just bought a 6kg turkey for less than €18.00. 10 beautiful large bananas cost me €2.00 ; and washed Cypriot potatoes were €.40 per kilo. A cabbage cost €0.80.

Tricky-674129 1261271723

ok JOURNO share with everyone as to where you buy these goods at such prices ,,,,, name of shop please ,,

soph-678689 1261286880

my daughter recently had her first child and was shocked to see the price of baby goods in a well known british store in Cyprus,this store has an internet site and the price of goods were a fraction of the price on the net,so what did we do we had a family member who was coming over anyway bring a suitcase of baby goods and we just paid the excess.

eg of prices:baby steriliser cyprus E100 uk 27.99

bumper cot set E46 uk 17.00

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